Our self-guided motorcycle tours are the way to find the best roads and best non-touristy hotels that you can discover at your own pace and leave any day of the year on your own or with a group of friends. If you are excited about adventure travel in Thailand, the lowest cost, and perhaps best way of having such motorcycle tour is to do it Self-Guided!


A quick overview on what we mean by self-guided tours. Self-guided tour it’s a rental of our adventure ready motorcycles together with an additional service around it. You will get a map, a GPS unit or daily route sheet, that will allow you set out from the starting city each day and just follow all the route through the important sites to see along the way. We will give you some references in terms of timing, suggestions about places to eat, where to fill up with gasoline. Best thing that you pay only for motorcycle rental. Our know how, maps, tools, luggage boxes and proper helmet is completely for free!  Its designed for single riders or smaller groups: the lone wolf, or maybe one or two friends who want to get together and go for a trip. If you don’t really want to be part of a larger group of any sort that’s solution for you. Self-guided means you are out there on your own. 

You will be acting as your own guide and taking responsibilities that a professional guide would take. You should be able to resolve common problems on the road and be able to find alternatives in case things go wrong. For example, you should be able to change an inner tube or repair a flat tire. You should be capable of finding an alternative route in case of a road closure (due to a landslide for example). This normally is very easy, but if you are not comfortable or you don’t enjoy reading a map, self-guided may not be for you.

We support you in very way that we can. We have chosen the most dependable motorcycles that we have come to know, so we don’t really have to help you in any way once you are out there riding, but of course you will have the contact information of a fleet manager and operation manager. We provide all of the tools and everything to make sure that your adventure goes as well as it can. You are really benefiting from the experience that we have riding these boots many times. We know the good roads and test these roads over and over throughout the year. You just hop on the bike or jump in the vehicle and go!



2 National Parks

Adventure is calling! So answer, with all the rebellious comforts of a motorcycle trip that will take you outside of Phuket and through the province of Phang Nga. The scenery here boasts of expansive arrays of limestone rocks protruding from the sea found at Ha Long Bay, to luscious national parks literally teeming with life at Khao Sok.

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Island Hopping by Motorcycle

Put yourself in the driver’s seat of your venture into the unknown and drive across beautiful Thai islands! See, sleep, and eat in the places not even pictures can do justice, and do it all at your speed as you control your adventure of a lifetime.

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